liam power remake challenge fashion winner

liam power

2014 fashion category winner

Being a fashion finalist of the 2014 Live Eco Remake Design Challenge has enabled me to experience the growing market of sustainable design and has enabled me to use textiles from Hemporium, Krafthaus and Photoganic, in order to create innovative clothing.

It has also given me reason and a purpose to produce my first collection which has undergone extensive examination and judging by highly valued sources.

I believe that this collection together with the Live Eco Remake Design Challenge has proven that sustainable and fashionable clothing can be produced in contemporary South Africa.

marquin sampson

marquin sampson

2013 fashion category winner

The Live Eco Remake Design Challenge was truly an amazing experience, I learned so much throughout the whole competition. My most memorable moments of the competition were the fittings with the models and the photo shoot. Just seeing my dress on a professional model for the first time was an amazing feeling.

Winning the Remake Challenge in 2013 was unexpected and then being interviewed on the Expresso morning show was extremely exciting. After winning the competition in 2013, so many doors have opened for me. I was approached by a costume designer for theatre and movie productions, who saw my dress and loved it and offered me a paid internship during the past December/ January holidays.

Winning this competition also allowed me to get a bursary from Woolworths, where I will also interning during the June/July holidays. The Remake Challenge also paved to way for other competitions, for I was one of the 10 semi-finalist for the Foschini Fashion design awards.

The Live Eco Remake Design Challenge inspired me to continue with sustainability in fashion, in such a way that for my Graduate collection I will once again upcycle denim and this time I will be combining it with raw metal which I’m collecting from scrap yards. The metal being an inspiration from the Live Eco Remake object winner from last year.

My advice for all those entering this year’s competition is to believe in your design and put everything in from the start of the competition right through to the end. Good luck!

caela viviers

caela viviers

2013 fashion category 2nd place

I entered the Live Eco competition during the second year of my studies.  I loved every minute of the competition, from sketching ideas to the actual realisation of the garment.  I created a little black dress with smocked detailing from upcycled garments. I was awarded second place in the competition and the dress was exhibited at the Design Indaba 2014.

Since then I have been awarded the Dean’s Merit award for being top of my class and won a competition with Woolworths (Clever Knits) in collaboration with Kingston University in London and will therefore be visiting London in June, and attending Graduate Fashion Week.

I would definitely say that the Live Eco competition inspired me to work sustainably and in a more eco-friendly manner. I am currently working on my graduate range and incorporating upcycling and eco-friendly techniques. I find it challenging and rewarding to work in a manner that is friendly to the environment whilst maintaining my own aesthetic and producing beautiful garments.

The Live Eco competition played a big role in moulding the way I now think about and approach my design work.

li-ya wu

li-ya wu

2013 object category winner

I entered the competition with the intentions of creating something small, simple and modular. The inspiration behind it was the shape of a geodesic dome, then taking that idea and giving it a physical purpose.  My object design took first place, which pleasantly surprised me as it was in its raw and unpolished state. What actually got me excited was that people understood and liked the hands-on process of the design rather than its physical look and purpose.

The 2013 competition was an interesting and educational process. Definitely an eye-opener as I now look at design and ask the question, “Does it adhere to sustainable designing principles?”.  It has shaped my mind to consider the origin and process of an object or any material.

Since the competition, I have had a few media exposure such as, being interviewed on SABC 3’s Expresso Breakfast Show, my object design got featured in Vida e Caffe’s “Obrigado” magazine and it is now on display at Heath Nash’s “Maker Library” at The Bank in Harrington Street, Cape Town.