The 2013 competition was an interesting and educational process. Definitely an eye-opener as I now look at design and ask the question, “Does it adhere to sustainable designing principles?”. It has shaped my mind to consider the origin and process of an object or any material.

- Li-Ya Wu -

The CTFC feels that it is imperative to instill the eco friendly ethos to graduates. The Live Eco Remake Design Challenge offers a great platform for designers to express their creativity and be conscientised about the importance of being eco friendly.

Bryan Ramkilawan
CEO Cape Town Fashion Council {CTFC}

The Live Eco Remake Design Challenge inspired me to continue with sustainability in fashion, in such a way that for my Graduate collection I will once again upcycle denim and this time I will be combining it with raw metal which I’m collecting from scrap yards. The metal being an inspiration from the Live Eco Remake object winner from last year.

- Marquin Sampson -

The annual Live Eco Remake Design Challenge provides Design Time School of Interior Design with a sustainable challenge in terms of a regional competition in product design. It is also a sublime platform whereby our students engage in sourcing, researching and getting a good handle and understanding of “green” materials. We enjoy the process of collaborating with industry leaders and manufacturers, which encourages their having to revisit the drawing board, tweak the design/prototype before their final product comes to life. A superb learning experience, which gives our students wonderful publicity and portfolio clout. We look forward to embracing 2015’s object.

Yolande Mitton
Principal of Design Time School of Interior Design

Being a fashion finalist of the 2014 Live Eco Remake Design Challenge has enabled me to experience the growing market of sustainable design and has enabled me to use textiles from Hemporium, Krafthaus and Photoganic, in order to create innovative clothing. It has also given me reason and a purpose to produce my first collection which has undergone extensive examination and judging by highly valued sources. I believe that this collection together with the Live Eco Remake Design Challenge has proven that sustainable and fashionable clothing can be produced in contemporary South Africa.

- Liam Power -

The Remake Design Challenge is a fantastic platform to educate and encourage students to start thinking about alternative eco friendly ways to look at fashion. I believe eco and sustainable practices are the future of fashion and it's inspiring to see this being filtered down to the designers of tomorrow.

Alice Heusser